install PyQt for maya

• Mac OS X:


• windows:

MAYA  2011 & 2012 64bits

  • 下载 PyQt for Python 2.6 AMD64 package
    • Maya 2012-x64

    • Maya 2011-x64
  • 解压文件
  • follow the instructions until the end (continue the installation even if you see the warning messages about Python 2.6)
  • 拷贝解压的文件(1 PyQt directory and 3 files usually installed here : “C:\Python26\Lib\site-packages“) to your “MayaInstallDirectory\Python\lib\site-packages
  • Don’t forget to copy the 3 “sip” files              

start Maya and type in the script editor : import PyQt4 ( 注意大小写)

if there’s no error message, good job it’s well installed ! Otherwise…you are not a lucky man.

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